Molly Ringwald Introduces Alex to Oscar

March 11th, 2010

Molly Ring­wald wear­ing jew­elry by artist Alexan­der Calder at the Acad­emy Awards 2010

It’s rare that we see a true mod­ernist state­ment on the red car­pet. Sculp­tor, artist, and jew­elry crafts­man, Alexan­der Calder, might be amused at the thought of the jew­elry he gave away as gifts and tokens of affec­tion (and on the rare occa­sion, com­mis­sioned) as being the bright stuff of red car­pet fare. Mr. Calder’s brass and sil­ver ham­mered wire (he once said that he thought best in wire) have done the fash­ion run­way, been fea­tured at a show at the Met­ro­pol­i­tan Museum of Art, and now his work shines at Acad­emy Awards. What does this say about jew­elry as art? Vol­umes. As for Molly Ring­wald? She gets kudos for being a mav­er­ick, and her­self at the same time. Pens ready, editors?

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